Angelina Jolie Ignored Stacy Keibler At The Oscars?

Angelina Jolie Ignored Stacy Keibler At The Oscars?

Brad Pitt and George Clooney might be best friends, but that doesn’t mean that Angelina Jolie and Stacy Keibler are going to be close. At least, not anytime soon. Remember, Angie isn’t a “girlie girl”?

During Sunday night’s Oscars, there was some tension between Angelina and Stacy. Apparently Angelina went out of her way to avoid running into Stacy on the red carpet. This isn’t the first time the two were said to be involved in a bit of a tiff. Angelina previously snubbed Stacy during a shared flight to the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Angelina has reportedly had it out for Stacy since she joked on Twitter about Brad not being bad to look at every day. Well, she’s not wrong — right, ladies? Angelina isn’t joking and doesn’t want to deal with a woman making comments about Brad, especially when she has access to him.

An insider revealed, “Angelina completely snubbed Stacy at the show. Once again, she just didn’t acknowledge her.”

The source went on to say, “As soon as she saw Stacy, she turned and actually walked in the other direction. The two women did not speak.”

Do you blame Angelina? Or is she taking a random joke too far? How many of you have made the same comment about Brad?

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