Angelina Jolie Is Desperate To Be Skinny?

Angelina Jolie Is Desperate To Be Skinny?

Angelina Jolie is featured on the newest issue of Life & Style magazine, with the headline that she’s “desperate to be skinny”. Okay, really?!? She’s already thin and has been thin for all of her life, why would she be desperate to get even thinner?

Reportedly, she has been surviving on just 600 calories per day, in an effort to stay as thin as she is. They even go as far as saying that her partner, Brad Pitt, has been begging her frail self to stop starving herself. Really?!?

She’s thin because she can afford to hire chefs to cook for her and her rainbow nation of children. If she puts on weight, she can afford to get a personal trainer or have surgery to have the excess weight removed. We’re guessing that she’s just naturally a super thin person.

Either way, she looks good.

Also featured in this issue, they’re going inside Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s love nest. In addition to that, Kim Kardashian is alone for the holidays. OF HER OWN DOING. DUH. She divorced HIM, not the other way around. Or were we really supposed to believe that he’s gay? We’re confused.

Are you buying this?

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