Angelina Jolie Upset At Brad Pitt For Losing His iPhone

Brad Pitt somehow lost his iPhone while in London for the BAFTA Awards and reportedly, Angelina Jolie is miffed!

Reports suggest that the phone had some rather intimate photos of the pair and their brood of six children that Angie doesn’t want getting out. She’s worried that someone is going to sell the snaps for a tidy little profit and leak them all over the internet.

Star magazine’s source revealed, “It’s a nightmare for Brad! Angelina is livid. She told him a hundred times to delete the shots for this very reason. She warned him that something like this could happen.”

The tabloid also claims that Angelina isn’t getting any satisfaction from being able to say “I told you so” to Brad.

The source said, “With the Oscars on the horizon, they feel like this couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Brad’s waited for years for what should have been a moment of celebration, and this drama has really tarnished it.”

We have to wonder what is on that phone that has gotten her so worried? Whoever has the phone should do the right thing and return it. Besides, doesn’t the iPhone have an app for you to be able to remotely delete photos — or even locate the phone?

Photo Credit: VPA / PCN Photos

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