Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Dress Photo – See It Here!

Angelina Jolie's Wedding Dress Photo - See It Here!

If you were one of the anxious people looking forward to seeing a photo of Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress, then you are in luck. The beautiful bride is featured on the latest cover of British “Hello” magazine wearing the white gown and it is quite unique!

As you know, Jolie married Brad Pitt in Paris, France and it was quite the occasion. “Hello” magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Eduardo Sanchez Perez said of the couple’s wedding photos, “We are delighted and honored to be able to share these captivating photos of Brad and Angelina on their wedding day with their children and other close family members and friends in attendance.”

He went on to say, “We wish them all the very best for the future.”

Jolie and Pitt added, “It was important to us that the day was relaxed and full of laughter. It was such a special day to share with our children and a very happy time for our family.”

The dress was inspired by the couple’s six children. What do you think of the gown? Love it or hate it? Hit the comments and have your say!

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