Angie Miller – Bring Me To Life – American Idol Video

Angie Miller - Bring Me To Life - American Idol Video

On Wednesday night’s performance episode of “American Idol”, Angie Miller took on Evanescence’s most popular song, “Bring Me To Life”. Again, we were of the mind that it was Rock Week and the songs would be classic rock in nature. Are we alone here? Are you current with this season of the show? If not, get up to date with our live recap of all of the action here.

Here is what the judges had to say about Angie’s butchering of the song:

Keith – He loves what she does in that moment.
Nicki – She stayed true to the genre and it was a perfect choice. Her voice sounded amazing.
Randy – Her voice lives in the edgy stuff. Great choice and amazing job.
Mariah – This was her. She appreciated the song and her. It was a perfect match.


angie – Finalists by caseycarlsonx1

We can’t be the only ones who noticed that poor Angie almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the hands of the wind machine, can we? Seriously though, we weren’t feeling the song choice for her. Were you? Will she be back for another week of performances?

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