Aretha Franklin Discusses Her Miraculous Recovery

Aretha Franklin Discusses Her Miraculous Recovery

Soul singing legend Aretha Franklin has given us an update on her ongoing health problems after a succession of cancelled appearances this summer, branding her recovery “absolutely miraculous”.

The singer has been battling poor health over the last couple of months, but she has declined to specify the nature of her problems. She recently axed a number of shows, insisting she wanted to fully complete her treatment before getting back to the stage, and now she has issued an update for her many fans.

Franklin reveals her recovery has amazed her doctors and she hopes to be back at work soon. In a new interview, she said, “My treatments are going very well. My last CAT scan, my doctor at the CAT scan and everyone who sees this says that this is miraculous, absolutely miraculous… I was talking to Smokey Robinson, my oldest best friend Smokey, talking about the fact that some doctors are not very well acquainted with faith healing. And Smokey said, ‘Well, they just don’t know who your healer is.’”

The singer adds of her recently cancelled shows, “Any time you have cancellations you should be concerned. But all prayer is good, and keep me in your prayers until I am 100 percent, not 85, and back onstage… The most important thing is my comfort and going at my pace. Nothing is more important than my health.”


She also revealed that she is hoping to start work on a new album very soon, adding, “I can’t wait for that. They’re working on the tracks now.”

We can’t wait, either!

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