Armie Hammer Won’t Do Fifty Shades Of Grey’s Christian Grey Role

Armie Hammer Won't Do Fifty Shades Of Grey's Christian Grey Role

If fans of the Fifty Shades Of Grey franchise were hoping to see The Social Network star Armie Hammer in the lead role of Christian Grey, they are going to be sadly mistaken.

In a recent interview with Playboy, Armie said that he used to be a dominant lover before getting married to his wife Elizabeth Chambers. Doesn’t that sound perfect for the role of Christian?

He told the magazine, “I don’t know how much we can put here without my parents being embarrassed, but I used to like to be a dominant lover…I liked the grabbing of the neck and the hair and all that. But then you get married and your sexual appetites change.”

He went on to say, “I mean that for the better – it’s not like I’m suffering in any way. But you can’t really pull your wife’s hair. It gets to a point where you say, ‘I respect you too much to do these things that I kind of want to do’… The two us will literally break out laughing in the middle of it, finish up and be like, ‘Well, that was oddly fun!’ So it becomes a new kind of thing that’s less about ‘I want to dominate you’ and more about both of us having a really good time. It’s just a different style.”

He added a funny story about how he got away with a scheme in selling Playboy magazines to the boys at his school. He said, “I almost got kicked out of eighth grade for selling Playboy. Me and this guy had a ring where we’d bring magazines packaged with a bottle of lotion to school – brilliant business plan, wasn’t it? – and sell them to the kids for $20. [Then a teacher said] ‘I’ve heard you’re bringing in these nudie magazines.’ I said, ‘Nope, not me.’ He went, ‘So you wouldn’t mind if we checked your locker?’ Which he then went and did… We’d stashed the actual magazines in bushes by the school, but there was a ton of lotion in the locker. All he could say was, ‘Why do you have so much lotion?’ I said, ‘I get dry hands.’ [laughs] They couldn’t prove I was selling the magazines, so I got away with it. Fun!”

With regard to the role of Christian Grey, he added, “No one actually offered me the movie, but while I was working on Lone Ranger my agent brought it up, and I said ‘Nope.’ I mean, come on – it’s just mommy porn. I’m not going to sit on top of the laundry machine in spin cycle reading about putting a ball gag in someone’s mouth. That doesn’t do it for me.”

Who do you think should play Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey?

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