Armie Hammer’s Pot Bust Mugshot Photo

Armie Hammer's Pot Bust Mugshot Photo

The Social Network star Armie Hammer was busted in Sierra Blanca, Texas for possession of marijuana. In case you don’t recall, Armie portrayed the Winkelvoss twins in the movie based on Facebook.

Armie is the most dapper of criminals, isn’t he? The above mug shot photo was snapped right after his bust for pot possession in November. This was the same place where Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson were also popped for the same thing.

According to law enforcement, they found three marijuana cookies and one brownie during the arrest. He had .02 ounces of weed on him, so prosecutors dropped the case. But that was before he spent an entire day behind bars. He paid a $1,000 bond before getting sprung from the pokey.

Is this a game for celebrities to try and get through Sierra Blanca, Texas with weed on them? What do you think? What are they all doing in Texas that the town keeps nabbing people left and right?


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