Arnold Schwarzenegger At Peace With Maria Shriver Divorce

Arnold Schwarzenegger At Peace With Maria Shriver Divorce

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is finally coming to terms with his divorce to Maria Shriver. Previously, Arnold revealed that he would love for his soon-to-be ex-wife to take him back, but that was always grim considering what he did to her. In case you’ve forgotten, Arnold cheated on the couple’s former maid while she was away at work. Afterward, she had his son.

Maria has yet to finalize the divorce proceedings, which is something that is frowned upon by her religion. Despite all of that, she still is said to be harboring feelings for Arnold. As time passes, it seems more and more unlikely that she is going to forgive and forget.

Now that they have been separated for some time, they have already forged separate lives from one another. Maria’s friends are also being supportive of her decision to divorce him, which is just about to seal the deal.

Both have remained amicable with the other for the sake of their children together. They are definitely remaining very mature about the situation. Good for them. Now perhaps they will be able to move on in healthy, happy relationships?

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