Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Divorce Could Cost Him $200 Million

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Divorce Could Cost Him $200 Million

Maria Shriver has already set the wheels in motion for her divorce from former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, we’ve learned that the move could cost the former Terminator actor a cool 200 million dollars!

According to reports, the couple is worth between $200 and $400 million. So if she goes through with the divorce, it could prove to be very costly for Arnold, who has recently come into the media spotlight for fathering a child with his housekeeper, Maria Patricia Baena.

If Maria divorces Arnold, she could end up with $100 to $200 million in the deal. Even though the couple signed a prenuptial agreement, a judge could possibly toss that out due to the longevity of their marriage. In addition to that, the fact that he fathered a child with another woman would also come into play.

If the prenuptial agreement is tossed out, the judge would split their marital property 50/50. It’s no wonder why he wants her back! It’s probably to protect his bank account!

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