Ashley Greene tweets about her exciting news

Ashley Greene tweets about her exciting news

Twilight actress Ashley Greene took to her official Twitter account yesterday to tease us with some news that she’s obviously not ready to reveal just yet!

She tweeted, “I’ve got some exciting news…”

A little bit later, she tweeted another mysterious message, saying, “I got a REALLY adorable present…”

While she keeps us all in suspense, her fans have tweeted their ideas of what this really adorable present could be. One fan speculated that it could be a song written for her by her boyfriend that’s on his upcoming album. Another fan guessed that she and Joe got engaged.

What do you think her big news is about???

Update: She just tweeted her big news! She said, “So the really adorable present … Was for Marlo :) a playmate!”

She also posted the photo, below:

Ashley Greene tweets about her exciting news
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