Ashley Hebert Will Bring Bentley Williams Back To ‘The Bachelorette’

Ashley Hebert Will Bring Bentley Williams Back To 'The Bachelorette'

According to The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison, Ashley Hebert is set to give this season’s villain, Bentley Williams, another shot. In a new interview, the host revealed that Ashley is bringing the bad guy back. We could speculate that it’s either for the ratings or the fact that she’s ignorant of the bad things he’s been saying behind her back.

Chris said, “She wants that closure – she will definitely get that. Bentley comes back and they will solve this.”

The interviewer asked if Ashley begged the show’s producers to have Bentley make his return to the show, but Chris assured fans that’s not the case. He said, “I told her point blank she calls the shots. There are no rules.”

Do you really want to see Ashley bring Bentley back? How about after the news hit that he and his ex-wife were seemingly plotting to bring awareness to their clothing line? Perhaps he really did wish that the new Bachelorette was Emily Maynard, because she and his ex bare a striking resemblance. He definitely has a type.

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