Ashton Kutcher Looking Down Lea Michele’s Dress? (Photo)

Ashton Kutcher Looking Down Lea Michele's Dress? (Photo)

Last night, Glee actress Lea Michele and Ashton Kutcher hit the Los Angeles red carpet premiere of their new movie, New Year’s Eve. The duo play love interests in the movie — and in real life, they appeared to be flirting up a storm as they walked the carpet together.

In the shot above, it appears that Ashton is playfully taking a peek down her dress. He’s already got a reputation with the ladies for being a cheater/partier/whatever, so will Lea become a rebound?

His Two And A Half Men character, Walden Schmidt, is rebounding from his 15-year relationship to ex-wife, Bridget. Are there parallels to that and real life?

Could you imagine if Lea and Ashton were to really start dating? Do you think they would make a cute couple? And what’s up with Ashton’s hair? Something makes me want to yank this boy to a stylist and either chop off that mop or do something altogether different with it. Surely it’s not a contractual thing, right?

What do you think of Ashton’s silver and gold look with that hair? I certainly hope Lea remembered her double-sided sticky tape!

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