Ashton Kutcher’s Been Cheating On Demi Moore Since Their Marriage Began?

Ashton Kutcher's Been Cheating On Demi Moore Since Their Marriage Began?

Back in 2005, two guys named Joey and Dave were playing Halo when they got interrupted by a girl named Kimberly, who claimed to have met up with Ashton Kutcher. They told her to prove it and she showed them her phone with his number on it. One of the guys memorized the number and they called it after she left.

The pranksters hacked Ashton’s voicemail and found a message from a girl who was reportedly having phone sex with the actor.

The National Enquirer reports (via Celebitchy):

Remember when pranksters hacked Ashton’s cell phone and posted online a sex-drenched voice mail message from a female? Ashton’s reps denied all – but I blew the story wide open after listening to another of his messages from a Vegas hotel confirming reservations for “Ashton Kutcher” in the Penthouse Suite. I phoned the hotel, never uttered Kutcher’s name, recited the confirmation number I’d heard and BINGO!… the clerk said “Mr. Kutcher, right?” Then she quickly stammered: “Wait, what’s the code word?” Hello-o! That’s how I proved Ashton’s phone had recorded “phone sex” from a salivating babe savoring an alleged intimate encounter with Demi’s new spouse.

So it would appear that Ashton was cheating on Demi at the beginning of their marriage. What a douche. And yet, she still stayed married to this guy.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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