Astro Gets Calm For Next Week’s X Factor USA

Astro Gets Calm For Next Week's X Factor USA

On last week’s elimination episode of The X Factor, it got down to Astro and Stacy Francis in the bottom two. Astro acted indignant in the final showdown, even asking his mentor, L.A. Reid, if he should sing at all, to stay in the competition.

This move didn’t sit well with Simon Cowell, who made it clear that he almost changed his mind in choosing to send Stacy home.

Since, we’ve learned that there is going to be a double elimination next week — so will Astro change his tune?

Apparently so, because Simon tweeted this message to let Astro’s fans know that things are much different now. He tweeted, “Met with Astro and his father today and @LA_Reid. Everything is much calmer now and the good news is he’s back on the show next week.”

Was it a wise decision for them to keep Astro in the competition over Stacy? What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know! Will Astro be singing his last song on the show when it comes time for America to vote?

Astro Gets Calm For Next Week’s X Factor USA was last modified: November 20th, 2011 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Anonymous

    Hopefully he will get booted out next week. Don’t get me wrong the child is talented, but he doesn’t sing and with that thugwannabe attitude who wants to see him on stage. He is way past his sell by date.

    • james

      Who want to watch him on stage? get a life……. if u’ve got a tenth of his talent and vocals…….. no one will breath on the streets……

  • Jim Barnett

    bye bye now.  this is a singing competition.  He’s so precocious he is embarrassing.  It’s all he can do to not grab his crotch as he develops his mini gangster lean…..

    • Frank

      arrogant little kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Areader

      Because the kid totally raps about the thug life, selling dope, and escaping from cops. Not as though he raps about his daily life, his feelings about the current, cheapened state of hip-hop music, and maintains a smart look.

      A lot of you need to get over yourselves, for one, he’s a KID.  Secondly the ‘arrogance’ you observe is something essential to being a rapper, most of the time. Otherwise the industry, or his peers, will not take him seriously, ESPECIALLY considering how young he is. He must ‘sell himself’. 

  • sean

    actually. if you guys knew anything about the x factor you’d know its a talent competition, not a singing competition. its a pity astro isn’t on the uk version over here because the fans in the uk and ireland love this kid. he’s so talented and unfortunately the close mindedness of middle america is going to affect his chances on this show. at least we can console ourselves with the fact that he will easily become the biggest star out of this show. 

    • Buttonsno1

      If astro was on our UK version he would go the same way misha b is going coz of her attitude! doesn’t matter if you’ve got talent, a bad attitude wont earn you fans or votes and these contestants need to remember that.

    • jefftaylor519

      we do know something about the xfactor thank you very much. he will become not a star but maybe best remembered.

    • Cody

      Maybe it would, who knows… Fact is his attitude is wrong. Everyone needs some humbleness. He seems to lack it completely! Also don’t go out saying things like “he close mindedness of middle america” That’s generalizing and it’s wrong…
      Please understand that I do think he’s very talented, because he is! There’s no doubt about it!

  • Denmurjones

    Get him out for his ignorance and cheek he doesn’t deserve the chance Simon made a ig mistake sending Stacey a class act home. X factor is political voting I think Simon wanted to keep la Reid “a happy bunny”!!! Joke. …..

  • Jane

    Astro will sell more cd’s than anyone else on this show, win or lose.  The night before he was told by the judges he could win this $5 million contract and the next night he is in the bottom two?  He didn’t swear, call anyone names or yell.   People have been angry from the start that he doesn’t “sing”, he was chosen to be on the show so that is not on Astro. 

    • jefftaylor519

      if fans (people) don’t like him WHY WOULD THEY BUY A CD, bs.

  • Gary

    I will NEVER vote for Astro!  We vote these unknowns into stars making obscene amounts of money, or at least give them the opportunity to strike it rich, and this is the way he respects Americans???  I think not!

    • james

      Your vote is not needed…..who voted for micheal jackson to become a star? Did u vote for eminem,bob marley and so on? Get a life…..

  • Wfjvulcan8

    If you had had to put up with x factor as we have in the UK for many years, you will know that it is totally staged.     I cannot watch the UK one now because there is no talent in it and it was a great big fix. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the US version seemed to be getting it right and lo and behold, a few weeks in and Simon Cowell is up to his usual tricks, I was watching it this morning, and could see how it was unfolding.   How could that boy who calls everybody sir, has never shown any bad behaviour traits, misses his mum loves his step dad, and loves performing suddenly come out and behave like that.   Why, because he was told to probably.   It makes news and they are trying to turn him into a bad boy, and I also think that the judges didnt like Stacey so it was all a big con to make it look like they werent picking on her.   How they can treat people that way is beyond me.    Take it from me, you will get it in a couple of years.  

    • sean

      if thats the case its still a little PG compared to the frankie cocozza escapades!

  • Lichi_kikon

    Astro you rock and you deserve to win

    • jefftaylor519

      what are you smoking , oh you are astro’s dad

  • Thestines

    He’s a kid so I would give him one more chance, ONE more!  If the attitude continues then I would send him to go find his fortune elsewhere.

    • jefftaylor519

      lets not give him one more chance . lets get him drunk and hear what he really wants to say,lol. thats like saying lets give all the rapists one more chance , once a rapist always a rapist.

      • Diana

        No offense, but are you seriously comparing how Astro behaved to rape????? He acted out, he disobeyed and threw a fit…. but he didn’t cause physical harm or even threaten anyone! He’s a 15 year old kid for crying out loud! ALL teens have acted out in one way or another. Unfortunately for Astro, it was in front of millions. He is a great talent who is sorry and deserves a second chance. Show some forgiveness and compassion, people. He can rise above this. He was never going to appease the haters anyways! His true fans know he is sorry and are willing to put in the work to keep him on. I personally will be voting for him as much as is allowed!

        • Xhompx82

          He is a kid, and kids require guidance. Good luck Diana hope your vote will take him to next stage of the competition

  • jefftaylor519

    astro needs a few more years to mature , being calm is a smokescreen. kids don’t change just like that ( snap of finger) . my guess he never will change. simon made a huge mistake, period.

  • Pdo6499633

    Read between the lines, Astro knows that win or lose he will get a record deal. Why else would he have ask his mentor if it was worth his while singing again. He is an amazing artist but he needs a steady hand to keep his feet on the ground.

  • Kolaoyinloye

    To all of you posting from UK, i think u need to go back home and find a talent that can match that of Astro……………instead of being negative

  • Francistseu

    Go outside the usa and find how people feels about american,it’s no surprise at all of brian behavior judge the mentality of his mentor you will find the answer.To put his action of frutration on how Muhammad ALI feels during his time of draft is insulting THE GREATEST.Just own up to your action and quit immediately also take your mentor with you   

  • Jtunde251

    According to producers, he is a serial offender. X factor does not have a deal with beats head phones, yet astro wore them on stage. Although the producers told him not to wear those head phones, he did and they had to blur them out to avoid legal trouble. Disrespectful kid.

  • Wray

    watched X Factor tonight and was disappointed in the results,thought Astro should be one of the eliminations and Drew as Lacota Rayne sang better than both of them,although like Drew ,do not like Astro’s attitude havent from the beginning,and if that is what the music business needs and wants ,someone like Astro then for sure Drew and a few of the rest do not belong even though they are 100% better than Astro.He cannot sing only talks to music and to me and those I know it is not music..Chris can sing as well as rap and at least he does both but I have watch since the beginning and even in boot camp Astro had an attitude ,if he cant take rejection by being in the bottom 2 then he should not be in the music or any other business. signed truly disappointed…..

  • Cordgrass5

    Gary is a joke..Gary,U nor American did not gave these God given talented people who worked their butt off to become successful…They just used their gift well.. On the other hand you sound like the jealous loser who can only wish you has their talent and money…..

  • Lelalle

    I am so sick of hearing Astro weeks after weeks with the same beat….I would honestly like to see if he can sing or not….than just talk….lol