Astro Gets Calm For Next Week’s X Factor USA

Astro Gets Calm For Next Week's X Factor USA

On last week’s elimination episode of The X Factor, it got down to Astro and Stacy Francis in the bottom two. Astro acted indignant in the final showdown, even asking his mentor, L.A. Reid, if he should sing at all, to stay in the competition.

This move didn’t sit well with Simon Cowell, who made it clear that he almost changed his mind in choosing to send Stacy home.

Since, we’ve learned that there is going to be a double elimination next week — so will Astro change his tune?

Apparently so, because Simon tweeted this message to let Astro’s fans know that things are much different now. He tweeted, “Met with Astro and his father today and @LA_Reid. Everything is much calmer now and the good news is he’s back on the show next week.”

Was it a wise decision for them to keep Astro in the competition over Stacy? What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know! Will Astro be singing his last song on the show when it comes time for America to vote?

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