Atlas Shrugged Part II Trailer

If real life government overstep isn’t a scary enough prospect: Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged II has apparently actually been made and will be due out in theaters October 12th.

Having read the book once upon a time ago (and not snoring through twenty or so pages of character John Galt’s monologue), I’ll give the trailer a thumbs up for managing to tell the 1950s era story to a more modern audience.

Exploring the government’s reaction to an economic crisis of epic proportions (sound familiar?), the trailer blasts us into a watching a speech delivered by the Head of State (played by Ray Wise) telling people that the government is essentially taking over all business processes until the emergency is concluded.

But Americans won’t take it lying down. The trailer cuts to blonde bombshell railroad exec Dagny Taggart (played by Samantha Mathis) saying simply, “I won’t be a slave.”

And the battle lines are drawn.

Atlas Shrugged II boasts impressive visuals, an epic storyline from a book that’s second in influence only to religious texts, and a glimpse at what America in the throes of a total government dystopia would be like. We’re pumped to see this one in theaters.

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