Prince George And Kate Middleton Cover ‘Closer’ Magazine

Prince George And Kate Middleton Cover 'Closer' Magazine

Duchess Catherine of Cambridge and her son Prince George are featured on the cover of the latest issue of “Closer” magazine. Isn’t he just as cute as a button?

The magazine reports that the adorable prince is teething, taking his first steps and is finally sleeping through the whole night! We’re sure his nannies are happy about that!

Will and Kate have revealed that their trip to New Zealand and Australia is all about their cute baby son, George. “Chubby cheeked George charms the world” indeed!

What say you about his adorable royal highness?

Miley Cyrus Warned By Doctors To Clean Herself Up

Miley Cyrus Warned By Doctors To Clean Herself Up

As you may already know, Miley Cyrus was just hospitalized following the death of her dog Floyd. She has had to cancel two tour stops on her Bangerz tour and has tweeted selfies from the hospital where she is currently receiving treatment.

Has her dog’s passing had an ill effect on her health? That seems to be what “In Touch Weekly” is claiming — like there is a link to her bad health. They also tie in Miley’s penchant for taking drugs, which is no big surprise.

Miley was, and remains hospitalized in Kansas City and has had to cancel two shows. Apparently some fans aren’t exactly understanding of what the singer is going through. In response, she has addressed her hospital stay on Twitter:


humans can b so selfish. if any1 thinks id rather b layin n a hospital bed than doing what i love on stage theyre fuckin LAME. im miserabl

I can’t get a hold of my team because it is so early so I want to be the one to tell my fans especially the ones trekking to get there(tbc)

the hospital is sayin i wont b released today

Taylor Swift Attends Fan’s Bridal Shower

Taylor Swift Attends Fan's Bridal Shower

Country singer Taylor Swift made a fan’s day when she attended her bridal shower this weekend. Tay-Tay demanded that her management team help her attend Gena Gabrielle’s bridal shower by having them clear her schedule for the occasion. Taylor helped the fan celebrate her special occasion in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday.

Gena told the “Today Show”, “I had no idea it was going to happen. She said she planned it with her management and her mom. She said it was all worth is because my face was priceless.”

On Twitter, she said, “It was a complete surprise. She’s an incredible person and amazing friend. Taylor didn’t crash the bridal shower she had an invitation ;) I’m really not that special and I’m still in awe she did this for me.”

Gena shared the below photo on her Instagram account:

Taylor Swift Attends Fan's Bridal Shower

Gena met the country singer during a meet and greet in 2007 and they have kept in touch ever since. During the bridal shower, Taylor said, “This is my first bridal shower and Gena’s last.”

Gena added, “I will never forget she did this for me. She is truly an incredible, special person.”

Miley Cyrus Gives Up Moonie; It Was Too Soon

Miley Cyrus and her puppy Moonie

Earlier this month, former Disney queen Miley Cyrus lost her previous dog Floyd. Soon after, her mother Tish greeted her with another puppy by the name of Moonie. It was too soon for Miley to get over her love for Floyd, so she has given Moonie away to a family friend.

On April 1st, she took to her official Twitter account to share the sad news of her pet’s passing. She tweeted, “Today is the 2nd worst day of my life. I don’t wanna say it because I don’t want it to be real…But my precious baby Floyd has passed away. I am broken. I know I don’t mean it but I wish he would’ve taken me with him. This is unbearable. What am I gonna do without him? I am miserable.”

Tish Cyrus got Moonie for Miley in order to cheer her up. Miley said on April 3rd, “My mama knew my heart was broken & this morning I woke up to Moonie kisses. No one could ever replace my baby Floyd but this precious angel is lendin me some fur to cry on along with my other babies.”

On Sunday, Miley gave her new pet to a friend. She shared on the social networking service, “Moonie, thank you for giving me so much love, comfort & peace. It’s just too soon for me right now #missingmoonie.” When asked where Moonie went, she replied, “My friends mom who has a tiny pup [for] him [to] play with.”

She added, “After wht happened Im scared [to] have a tiny dog.”

It was reported that a dancer on Miley’s “Bangerz” tour revealed that Floyd was killed by a coyote.

Kate Upton Hates Her Breasts; Wishes They Were Smaller

Kate Upton Hates Her Breasts; Wishes They Were Smaller

“Sports Illustrated” model Kate Upton says that she hates her breasts and even went as far as saying that she wishes they were smaller. She wears a 34-D bra and insists that it would be easier on herself to dress her body if they weren’t so big. We’re sure there aren’t a lot of men complaining about the size of her boobs…

In a new interview on Sunday, she revealed, “I wish I had smaller boobs every day of my life as I would love to wear spaghetti tops braless or go for the smallest bikini designs. Every single day I’m like, ‘Oh man, it would be so much easier’, especially if people didn’t constantly bring them up. If I could just take them off like they were clip-ons…”

She continued, “I know I say I wish I had smaller boobs – and that’s true because at least twice a day I wish that. But the grass is always green, as they say!”

Despite her proclamation, she doesn’t want her young female fans to get the wrong idea and begin hating their bodies as they are. She said, “I love my boobs and I’m proud of my size. That’s an important message to young girls – love who you are and be proud of who you are. It’s so easy to feel negative about yourself and it is totally self-destructive. If you can only love and accept who you are you will be a lot happier.”

Kate currently stars in the movie “The Other Woman” alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, but she says that she fears where her next “Sports Illustrated” photo shoot will take her. She added, “I’m honestly a little bit scared to get a call in from Sports Illustrated, what to do next year because I went to Antarctica, I did zero gravity, like where are they gonna send me?”