Auto-Tune the News #6

One of my favorite spoofs of the media/music/pop-culture, the folks who religiously crank out the awesomeness that is Auto-Tune the News have released their sixth webisode, and have finally started getting some media attention to their work. The Village Voice did an interview and it’s amazing that this is essentially a family hobby ( Three Gregory brothers: Michael, Andrew, Evan and his wife, the band’s “official babe” Sarah):

But their role of satirical beltway remixers nevertheless suits the Brothers well. “We make the videos to point out some of the absurdities of the politics-to-media food chain,” Evan says. “The manufactured emotions and self-seriousness, the silly news-show formats, the whole cable news circus is ripe for some jokes. And we like to do that by singing about it.”

Full video after the jump, a healthy skewering of Michael Jackson-mania, drugs… and Sarah Palin.

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