Axl Rose Thanks Fans For Support Following Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Snub

Axl Rose Thanks Fans For Support Following Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Snub

Axl Rose is thanking his fans for their support following his decision to publicly snub the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

He posted a letter on the Guns N’ Roses official website, thanking his fans and the city of Cleveland for showing support for his decision. Ugh, really?! As a Clevelander, I felt that it was a douchey move to snub the Rock Hall. Slash and the rest of the original lineup rocked the house over the weekend and he should’ve felt honored to be a part of that. But — he opted out.

In his letter on the site, he said:

I seriously didn’t plan on or expect the overwhelmingly positive responses and public support for my decision regarding the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. To be honest, I thought it would go the other way and was just hoping to weather the storm. As I said, I sincerely didn’t want to disappoint anyone. It gets old being the outlaw even if ‘it’s only rock and roll.'”

I still don’t exactly know or understand what the Hall is or how or why it makes money, where the money goes, who chooses the voters and why anyone or this board decides who, out of all the artists in the world that have contributed to this genre, officially “rock” enough to be in the Hall?

This isn’t an attack. There are genuine issues I don’t have enough verified information on to have more than rough ideas. Certainly not enough information to make any judgments about.”

Keep your apologies, Axl, we don’t want them. Signed, a Cleveland resident and former GNR fan.

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