The Bachelor Juan Pablo Covers ‘People’ Magazine

The Bachelor Juan Pablo Covers 'People' Magazine

“The Bachelor” star Juan Pablo is featured on the cover of the newest issue of “People” magazine and on this week’s cover, he is trying to convince the world that he isn’t that bad of a guy after all.

Despite the setting and having the super expensive engagement ring at the ready, Juan Pablo did not propose to Nikki Ferrell on the season 18 finale of the hit show. Juan wants fans of the show to know that he’s not the bad guy here. He said, “You go on thinking if there is the connection, you propose. But I don’t feel there’s a need to propose to somebody if I don’t feel one hundred percent. I didn’t know Nikki. I want to know more, a lot more.”

Still, Nikki is happy for the way things are going forward. She told “People”, “Had he gotten down on one knee, I absolutely would have said yes. But having a ring on my finger wouldn’t stop us from breaking up. What’s going to keep us together is having a real relationship. I’d rather have him propose when he feels it’s right.”

With regard to the kind of man he is versus what viewers saw on the show, he said, “It’s hard because viewers saw a character on TV. A lot of things about me were not shown. I’m not a bad guy. People who know me, know who I am.”

If you’re wondering if these two have a future together, he added, “It’s our start now. We can get to know each other fully. We’re not in a rush.”

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