Bachelor Pad 3 Season Finale Recap: Who Won?

Bachelor Pad 3 Season Finale: Who Won?

Tonight is the season three finale of ABC’s “Bachelor Pad” and tonight will reveal who wins the quarter of a million dollar prize. On tonight’s show, we will see who out of the final four will walk away with the top prize. It has all come down to being between Nick and Rachel and Chris and Sarah. Who’s going to win?

To kick off the show, we get a detailed look at the relationships that formed during the competitors’ time on the show. As a result of doing the show, Kalon and Lindzi, Ed and Jaclyn, Chris and Sarah, Blakeley and Tony and Michael and Rachel. It was a lot of drama and a lot of tears — and even more hookups during this season of the show.

Kalon and Lindzi have revealed that they are still going strong. She had nothing but good things to say about him, even though Erica Rose claimed that he was out at different events with other women. When asked if he wanted to apologize to anyone for anything, Kalon said, “No. I’m good.”

Michael talked about how conniving he was while on the show. Erica took him home with her after he tried conspiring against her in order to stay in the house. Michael said he didn’t come on the show to find a wife, but he did like Rachel. Jaclyn is basically calling him out for leading Rachel on.

Jaclyn speaks of being betrayed by her best friend Rachel after thinking that she would make it to the finals. She said that Michael got credit for being the puppet master when it was actually her controlling the game.

Blakeley is in the hot seat and she is still with Tony. How cute of a couple do they make? She is totally in love with him and they are adorable. Tony is so cute. Tony approached the stage to say that he’s madly in love with Blakeley and that they are moving in together. AND HE HAS CABLE! He made a speech and got down on one knee and PROPOSED! She said YES!

The remaining four couples are welcomed to the stage. Rachel calls Michael out for being into her on the show, but not in real life. He defended his actions by saying that he wasn’t falling in love and didn’t want a long distance relationship. She wanted to leave the show so that she could be with him. She said that he is dating someone who he’s in a long distance relationship with. Douche.

Chris said the whole Blakeley and Jamie situation was tough on him and his family was disappointed. He said that the game got a hold of him and that he took the wrong approach. Jamie that Emily was fortunate and wise to see right through him and that he wouldn’t have been a good father for her daughter.

Rachel said that they chose to send Jaclyn and Ed to go home because they would’ve been more of a competition to win the money than Chris and Sarah. Chris said that he doesn’t expect them to vote for him, but to vote for Sarah because she deserves it.

The voting:

Michael – Rachel and Nick
Jamie – Rachel and Nick
Kalon – Chris and Sarah
Ed – Nick and Rachel
Blakeley – Nick and Rachel
Dave – Chris and Sarah
Erica – Chris and Sarah
Reid – Nick and Rachel
Lindzi – Nick and Rachel
Donna – Nick and Rachel
Tony – Nick and Rachel
Jaclyn – Nick and Rachel

Nick and Rachel are off to the finals…who will win the money? Nick and Rachel are in the room to see whether or not they’re going to keep or share the money. After a while of contemplation, both Nick and Rachel have returned to reveal their decisions.

Rachel unveiled that she wanted to share the money. Nick voted to keep the money because no one was ever behind him throughout the competition. What a douche. Do you think he did the right thing in keeping all of the money? Should he have shared it with Rachel?

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