Beau Willimon Taking House Of Cards Questions At 5pm EST

Beau Willimon Taking House Of Cards Questions At 5pm EST

If you want to know some of the unanswered questions surrounding Netflix’s original series “House Of Cards”, then you just might be in luck! The developer of the show, Beau Willimon, wants to know what questions you have for him — because he is doing a Q&A at 5PM EST.

Willimon took to his official Twitter account to share the above photo captioned with “I’m doing a 30 min @HouseofCards Q&A at 5pm EST (2pm PT) today. Get your questions ready. And pass the word! @netflix”.

To that end, we do have some questions for the show’s third season:

What is next for Frank Underwood now that he is President of the United States?
Why did they have to kill off Zoe Barnes, making Frank the actual murderer?
Who is going to take Doug Stamper’s place now that he is gone?
Will Rachel have to pay for her crime in Doug’s death?
Will Catherine Durant move up to the office of the Vice President or will President Underwood get to choose who takes the position?

What would you add to our list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and be sure to share this on Twitter and Facebook to make sure the word gets out!

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