Ben Flajnik Caught Cheating On Courtney Robertson?

Ben Flajnik Caught Cheating On Courtney Robertson?

It’s almost as if Us Weekly just figured out how The Bachelor works. Apparently, the tabloid had no idea that the show’s star gets to hook up with three girls in one weekend. Ben Flajnik took the remaining three ladies, Courtney Robertson, Nicki Sterling and Lindzi Cox, to Switzerland for Monday’s show and invited all three back to their respective Fantasy Suites courtesy of the show’s host, Chris Harrison.

Now, Us Weekly claims that Ben was hooking up with the ladies. Duh. Of course he was, it’s reality television. Now for the shocker, they’re claiming that Ben was cheating! Is it really cheating if the other girls know that he’s doing the nasty with the other two?

I’d be more miffed if I was Nicki, considering how he hooked up with her and then subsequently ditched her afterward. The tabloid has exclusive photos of Ben’s cheating spree. It also reports that Ben proposed to Courtney, but now he’s embarrassed by her. Who wouldn’t be? She’s been quite the evil villain this season. After watching the show, he has to feel like a dolt.

The tabloid also reports that Courtney is in tears during the filming of the Women Tell All show. Are you going to watch? What secrets will be revealed when that airs? Hopefully someone will call him out for looking like the Geico Caveman and being so blinded by the fact that he landed a model that he was too dumb to realize how badly she was playing him.

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