Ben Flajnik Talks About The Drama With Courtney Robertson On ‘The Bachelor’

Ben Flajnik Talks About The Drama With Courtney Robertson On 'The Bachelor'

Courtney Robertson gets the last date of the show with Ben Flajnik on last night’s episode of The Bachelor.

Ben made a big fuss on their date about how worried he was about how Courtney treated the other ladies on the show. For their date, they hopped on a secluded train for a tour of the Alps and made their way to Wengen. She tells him that she feels badly about how she treated the other women and then she starts to cry. Are those crocodile tears?

Afterward, they end up in a meadow for a picnic with some cows. She fails at cow calling or yelling “Hey cow!” as loudly as she can to get their attention. Ben decides that this is the opportune moment to call her out for how she treated the other women. She said that she has said some things that she’s not proud of and if she could do it all over again, she would do some things differently. He said that he doesn’t want to talk about that right now because he doesn’t want to ruin the day.

Later at dinner, Courtney brings it up again, saying that the experience brought out the worst in her at times and she’s not proud of it. He agrees with her that there’s been more good than bad. He says that he feels that they are good in moving forward. Afterward, he offers her the Pimp Master special card for the overnight date in the fantasy suite, courtesy of host Chris Harrison. She accepts because obviously you can’t win a dating show without banging the guy who’s making all of the decisions, right?

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