Best New Artist Grammy: Adele

Craig Ferguson took the stage in a nice all black suit to be funny for the first time at tonight’s Grammys. He’s hilarious. We needed that little bit of humor injected into the show. He must have better writers than Justin Timberlake and The Rock.

He announced Katy Perry as the next performer of the evening. She sang, “I Kissed A Girl” and it sounded horrible. She sounds crappy “live”. I’m so over her already. Note to Perez: Stop trying to make Katy Perry happen, it’s not going to work.

After that “show”, Kanye West performed “American Boy” without his signature sunglasses, along with Estelle. Both looked equally shiny and sounded okay vocoder-less.

The duo announced the Grammy winner for Best New Artist. The award went to Adele, who beat out Duffy and the Jonas Brothers for the award. I was sure one of the two would’ve walked away with this one. But alas, fangirls don’t get to vote, thus true talent shines through.

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