Best Rap Album Grammy: Lil Wayne

Gary Sinise took the stage to introduce Lil’ Wayne, who performed along with Robin Thicke. Robin was classy, while Wayne was looking every bit of the hoodrat.

Allen Tuson took the stage right after to play the piano for the crow along with the “Dirty Dozen”. Their dancers won’t win “America’s Best Dance Crew” anytime soon, either. They sang, “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” in tribute to the Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans.

Will.I.Am and T-Pain took the stage to announce the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

The winner: Lil’ Wayne – The Carter III. He beat out Jay-Z with that nonsense. Really???

Best Rap Album Grammy: Lil Wayne was last modified: February 8th, 2009 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Angry Black

    f*ck you stupid b*tch, how dare you disrespect Lil Wayne like that? Your mother’s a f*cking hood rat you excuse for a human being.

  • lady

    wayne is the shit! ya dig? the best rapper alive! check his swag bitch hes smart,sexy,talented…the dude is a fuc*ing beast!!!cant fu*k with em!

  • Matt

    Did you just call lil wayne smart? Are you stupid? Lupe fiasco should have won that award, he is lyrically more in depth and raps about real things, not things that are dumbing down America. Can you little wayne fans understand complexity and how lil wayne’s lyrics have none? Seriously now rap is dead that wayne won this album.