Beth Ditto Arrested For Public Intoxication

Beth Ditto Arrested For Public Intoxication

The Gossip lead singer Beth Ditto had a rockin’ good time during her St. Patrick’s Day weekend partying. She was said to be drinking like a fish at a bar in Portland, Oregon, but got super miffed when she was cut off by a bartender there. USA TODAY reports:

Apparently, Beth Ditto forgot to drink responsibly during St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Ditto, who is as famous for her fearless stage antics and advocacy of LGBT rights as she is as the lead singer of The Gossip, was arrested for really drunk and disorderly conduct, according to

Willamette Week reported that the bartender at Bungalo Bar in Portland, Ore., 86’d her because she was too drunk.

Enraged at being cut off, a source who spoke to Willamette Week says Ditto walked out into the street, took off her shoes and started screaming “Obama, Obama!” It’s not clear whether she was showing her support for the president or not. Her friends couldn’t persuade her to get in the car and police officers couldn’t get to quiet down and get out of the street, so she was arrested.

Ditto (real name Mary Beth Patterson), a lesbian, modeled naked for Love magazine in 2009. She’s also a model for Oregon SWIS system, as inmate 771922.

Let’s hope that she has learned something from this. You have to have a certain level of fame before you can act like a complete idiot and not get arrested. Just ask Lindsay Lohan.

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