Beyonce And Blue Ivy Pay Homage To The Jacksons – Photo

Beyonce And Blue Ivy Pay Homage To The Jacksons - Photo

Superstar Beyonce and her daughter Blue Ivy Carter dressed up like the Jacksons for Halloween. Beyonce dressed up like Janet Jackson and Blue Ivy was dressed like Michael Jackson. It’s funny how mother and daughter chose to dress up as brother and sister. It wasn’t too hard to figure out which two Jackson siblings they were going to be. The others aren’t as famous individually as Michael and Janet Jackson.

The popstar posted a picture of her and Blue Ivy in their Jackson costumes on her official Instagram account. They wore the costumes at an event when Jay-Z performed at Power 105.1’s Powerhouse event in New York. They looked adorable in their outfits, no?

Beyonce dressed up like Janet Jackson from her Rhythm Nation days. She wore the military look that Janet wore in her “Rhythm Nation” video. She didn’t exactly recreate the look, but she got as close to it as she could get. Blue Ivy wore one of Michael Jackson’s looks from the eighties. The youngster wore the red and gold military jacket the King Of Pop made famous. How did Beyonce find a copy of this outfit in Blue Ivy’s size? She even found the famous white glove and sequined socks – that had to cost a lot of money.

The pop star has credited the Jacksons as her inspirations in the past. Beyonce used to listen to Michael when she first started out. Her producer wanted her to watch him perform when he was a little kid. She was supposed to learn how he sang with soul. Beyonce was impressed with the emotion he had in the songs even though he was a little kid. Michael taught her not to let things get in the way of her career. Guess that explains why she’s a star and her former group members have all but disappeared. Beyonce is grateful for him helping her become the artist that she is today. She wanted to pay homage to the family because of that.

It just goes to show you that Michael and the entire Jackson clan are still that inspirational and influential even so long after his untimely passing.

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