Beyonce Bans Professional Photographers From The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

Beyonce Bans Professional Photographers From The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

Beyonce doesn’t want any professional photographers taking photos of her during her 2013 The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. So basically, she is motivating agencies to have fans take poor quality shots of her concerts from the front rows?

From FStoppers via DListed:

Beyoncé’s publicist, the same one who emailed and asked websites to remove images she didn’t like few months back, decided that this time they wouldn’t allow photographers to shoot her shows. Instead, they would provide 3-5 pre-approved images their own photographer shot for the media to use after each show. They wanted to control what images the media had access to. But we all know how media works – they will do anything possible to get images that other publications don’t have. If they can’t send a photographer to give them original photos, the next best thing they can do is buy photos from fans in the front rows in the arena (cameras were not allowed, but no one can take away phones). It’s the next best thing for them, and a huge nightmare for Beyoncé and her publicist.

The guidelines for the tour:

Photographers: There are no photo credentials for this show. Local news outlets, including print and online will be given a link to download photos from every show. They will need to register to access the photos.

It’s madness to think that she couldn’t use the media to work for her in a better manner. What do you think? Is this going to propel others into thinking that she is too much of a diva? Should she be so narcissistic to think that badly taken photos of her don’t exist?

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  1. Jen April 23, 2013 / 4:16 PM

    Oh Beyowulf. Stopping the internet is like King Canute trying to hold back the sea.

  2. Jocelyn April 23, 2013 / 7:08 PM

    OMG this is awesome. Haha!

  3. Robyn April 23, 2013 / 10:38 PM

    Hate her.

  4. Pamela April 24, 2013 / 6:13 AM

    Not surprised she has done that!

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