Bikini Girl Katrina Darrell Auditions For American Idol

This was too funny. I didn’t watch American Idol yesterday (or any other day really), but this girl, Katrina Darrell, auditioned in a bikini. She started busting out with “Vision of Love” by Mariah Carey and just about murdered it.

Simon quickly said yes to her and Randy soon followed. New judge Kara DioGuardi didn’t have anything nice to say, which means she’s my second favorite judge already. Kara started singing the song and told Katrina that she doesn’t have the chops to sing a song like that. Honesty, finally!

Maybe they brought in Kara so that Simon wouldn’t always look like the bad guy. Anyways, even though this girl wasn’t that good of a singer, she got through to Hollywood, thanks to Paula Abdul. Even though she said later that the girl was terrible, she put her through. Kara said, “Next time come naked.” Loved it. Oh how I’ve missed the American Idol auditions.

Thanks Marie!

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