Billy Corgan has broken up with Jessica Simpson

According to reports, Billy Corgan couldn’t stand the heat, so he got out of the kitchen. Corgan is said to have put an end to his and Jessica Simpson’s brief relationship, citing the attention they got mobbed with as a reason for the split.

A source said, “Jessica loved spending so much time in and out of the studio with Billy. She’s in awe of his musical prowess, and it adds to her feelings for him, but they are not dating. Dating Jessica publicly can be intense. Billy maintains a quiet, private music-focused life and the taste of publicity he got while being with Jessica was an eye opener.”

But he’s not ditching her completely. The source added, “Billy likes Jessica, but he will work to keep their relationship as it is and focus on the music. They are not getting serious, but Jessica has had so much fun with him.”

What has been interesting to me is that she has apparently removed all of the pics she took with him from her Twitter page.

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