Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert On The Brink Of $40 Million Divorce?

Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert On The Brink Of $40 Million Divorce?

This week’s copy of the National Enquirer suggests that The Voice judge Blake Shelton and his wife Miranda Lambert are on the brink of a $40 million divorce! Are these two involved in a cheating scandal which will tear their marriage apart?

The tabloid reports:

In a blockbuster exclusive, The ENQUIRER reveals ALL the scandalous details of Blake’s brazen badboy behavior with other women as well as Miranda’s steamy romances with other men.

The hunky “Voice” coach most recently got tongues wagging when he spent an evening “connected at the shoulder all night” with a hot, blonde aspiring actress at a TinselTown nightclub.

Feisty Miranda has already read him the riot act over her suspicions that he was getting WAY too close to two emerging country cuties, but Blake continues to “humiliate” her with his unabashed skirt-chasing.

Meanwhile, Miranda has carried on with other men, including a repeat offender! “Everyone in Nashville has heard about their marital problems,” said an insider. And a source close to Blake told The ENQUIRER: “Friends of the couple say it’s the end.”

What do you think? Is this a bunch of gossip that is generated to sell magazines at the supermarkets? Or are Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert really on the brink of filing for divorce? Sound off with your thoughts below!

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  • Lee

    Wow must be a sloooow news day. Blake and Miranda are not getting a divorce. Just saw them in OK the other day, perfectly happy. It is funny, this week one tabloid is divorce and the next is having a baby. So sad!