Blake Shelton Talks The Voice Season 5

Blake Shelton Talks The Voice Season 5

Country singer and coach on this season of The Voice, Blake Shelton is convinced that this season of the popular singing competition will be its most competitive yet! Of course he would say that, he totally wants people to tune in and watch.

In a new interview, Blake revealed, “I think it’s going to create probably the most competitive season that we’ve seen on The Voice so far because the four of us – it really brings back those original rivalries that we had in the beginning.”

Despite all of their bickering back and forth, he said that he and his fellow mentors are still able to keep things civil with one another. He said, “It’s a reminder of how lucky we were to accidentally somehow end up with four people who actually became instant friends and who argue and bicker like friends do, like family do, and we love like family.”

Have you been watching the current season of The Voice? If so, do you think that it has been that competitive? Or is Blake just trying as hard as he can to get people to watch the show? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below. If you are watching, tell us who you’re rooting for so far!

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