Blue Ivy Carter Is Already Spoiled With Six Nannies

We haven’t really heard much from Beyonce and Jay-Z since the birth of their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, but a source has revealed that their precious bundle of joy is already spoiled. And by spoiled, we mean that she’s got non-stop nanny care, a diaper change every hour and a pink sapphire encrusted bottle.

Reportedly, the tot has two nannies on call at all times, which totals six — around the clock. A source said, “Beyonce wanted to make sure that her daughter has the best of care. Her diaper is changed every hour.”

Jay-Z is also pouring on the attention to their new addition, in the way of purchasing bling for her. The source said, “Jay-Z bought her diamond earrings and a platinum baby bracelet. Even her bottle has pink sapphires on it.”

It seems like a lot of stuff to get for a baby, but they’ve got the money….So, more power to them! What do you think?

Photo Credit: JGM,

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