Bobbi Kristina Brown To Play Whitney Houston In Biopic?

Bobbi Kristina Brown To Play Whitney Houston In Biopic?

There have been numerous reports floating around suggesting that Rihanna would play Whitney Houston if there was ever a biopic made about her life. Now, Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown is telling her pals that if there is ever a biopic made about her mother’s life, she wants the lead role of her mother. Can you blame her? No one really knew her mother like she did, right?

Sources have revealed that Bobbi feels that she is the perfect person to play her mother, telling her friends that there isn’t anyone who knew Whitney better.

She even told her friends that if Eazy-E’s son can play him in a movie, then there is no real reason why she can’t play her own mother.

Do you think it would be a good casting move for someone to have Bobbi Kristina play Whitney in a movie about her life? Is she too young to portray the legendary singer in a biopic? What do you think? Can she do it? Or do you think someone older and with more experience in the acting field would do the role justice? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Bobbi Kristina Brown To Play Whitney Houston In Biopic? was last modified: April 9th, 2012 by Lydia Harris
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  • Ddwoohomebody

    well i personally do think it’s a good idea no one knows her mother the way she does so if she want’s to do it i think she should go for it. do you bo and stop listening to all the negativey

  • Tam

    Ciara should play Whitney Houston too! She’s always reminded me of her.


    I know this is about to make a lot of people angry, but I got to keep it real since this is all about opinions anyway. Kristina needs to sit down somewhere and stop acting like a media whore. For crying out loud, no one has heard from you your entire life, and as soon as your mother dies you want to be everywhere, and in everything. Trying to capitalize off your mother’s name and fame is not the portrait of a grieving and distraught young woman who has just lost her mother. This screams “how can I get the checks to start rolling with my name on them” to me. Stop thinking about how you can cash in sweetie; it’s DESPERATE! CLASSLESS! and DISRESPECTFUL!.
    Furthermore, if Kristina hates her name so much that she now wants to change it, and she despises what her father did to her mother, why would she want to now play her mother knowing that the drug abuse was just as much apart of the story as everything else. I would be more understanding if she wanted to play herself in the movie, but we haven’t see her in anything. We don’t know if she can act her way out of a paper bag, and she wants the lead in the movie already. I guess she feels like she’s the shoe-in because she’s her daughter. This is SAD!
    I’m not buying her reasons for wanting this part. Forgive me if people don’t think I’m being sensitive enough by telling it how it is. This whole thing is just too obvious, lucrative, and convenient for her. Family members of deceased stars do this all the time. This girl is smart enough to know what her mother meant to the fans around the world just like she’s smart enough to know what dropping the Brown name, picking up her mother’s name, and getting this part in the movie means to her career. Is this all her talking or her agent?