Bobbi Kristina Brown Warned Whitney Houston To Slow Down

Whitney Houston’s 18-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown warned her mother to slow down — before her untimely passing on February 11th. It was a sad and tragic turn of events when we learned that Whitney had passed away at her hotel.

According to reports, Bobbi Kristina tried to warn Whitney the day before she died — to slow down. Whitney was seen drinking at Tru Hollywood nightclub on Friday, February 10th, but her daughter tried to make sure she was okay.

A source revealed, “Whitney’s bodyguard would try to grab a drink out of her hand, and she’d spin around and laugh, ‘Just one more’, Bobbi Kristina told her to slow down, and even took Whitney’s bodyguard aside and said, ‘Keep an eye on my mom.'”

The source continued, “About an hour later, Whitney was out on her balcony screaming, ‘I’m tired of this s**t, I’m tired of this s**t!’ Hotel security had been called to her room twice and she was ranting and raving about being harassed.”

The next day, Whitney was said to have taken a deadly combination of Xanax, alcohol and Valium. A hotel source said, “A staff member went into the bathroom and found Whitney slumped in the tub, her head in the water with her arm dangling out of the tub and her knees flexed upward. One of the bodyguards ran in and pulled Whitney out of the tub.”


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