Bobbi Kristina Brown Was Out Of Control At 14

Bobbi Kristina Brown Was Out Of Control At 14

According to reports, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter Bobbi Kristina has been out of control since the age of 14.

The teenager was said to have suffered a breakdown following her mother’s untimely death and was even accused of being high during the funeral. Now, a source reveals that her behavior isn’t anything new and it’s just par for the course in her life.

An insider who attended the same school as Bobbi Kristina said that she was already troubled at a young age. According to Hollywood Life, a source said, “Bobbi Kristina was really nice. People liked her, but she was known as a problem child. She was a party animal, even then.”

The spy also revealed that Bobbi Kristina didn’t have much supervision and was already “living life on the edge.”

A source told Life & Style magazine, “She was very close to her mother; they were more like best friends. They even partied together.”

Another source said, “Bobbi Kristina is totally lost without Whitney guiding her way.”

Let’s hope that she’s able to get her life in order before she follows in the same footsteps.

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