Bobby Brown Defends Performing After Whitney Houston’s Death

Bobby Brown Defends Performing After Whitney Houston's Death

Right after learning that Whitney Houston had died, her former husband Bobby Brown took to the stage to perform for his fans. Now, in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, he has defended his decision to perform that day. He said that the only reason that he still performed because it’s what Whitney would have wanted.

He was scheduled to perform at the Landers Center in Mississippi on February 11th, but refused to cancel the show in order to grieve for Whitney. He was scrutinized by Whitney’s fans for continuing on with the show, despite her untimely passing on the same day.

In a new interview with Ellen on Wednesday, he said that he tried his best to get to Los Angeles the day of Whitney’s death, but performed instead out of respect for the iconic singer. He said, “I was in Mississippi performing and I got the call. Of course, I tried to get a flight. Tried to rent a jet. Whatever I had to do, but it was impossible. So I knew the best thing that she would want me to do was perform.”

He went on to say, “You know, we are performers. That’s what we did. That’s what we do. And she would want the best for me.”

Do you agree with his decision to perform instead of flying out to Los Angeles?

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