Bobby Brown Isn’t Giving Up Hope On Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobby Brown Isn't Giving Up Hope On Bobbi Kristina Brown

Like any father, Bobby Brown doesn’t want to give up on his daughter with Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown. She is at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia fighting for her life. Her family has asked for privacy, but little tidbits of information continue to trickle out.

There were rumor making the rounds yesterday that Bobbi Kristina Brown was nearly braindead, but there has been no confirmation of that as of yet. There was also some speculation that Brown pulled the plug on his daughter’s life support, but that doesn’t appear to be true either.

TMZ reports that Bobby Brown doesn’t want to take his daughter off of life support because he believes that God will give him and his family a miracle. Reportedly, the doctors are all about science and have told the singer to prepare for the worst. They have advised him that Bobbi Kristina Brown will not improve with regard to her health and that taking her off of life support is the best decision.

In essence, the family is holding out for a miracle, but her brain functions are basically minimal and don’t show any signs of improvement. TMZ has the scoop:

Family sources say this has been an ongoing discussion and they believe Brown could come around to the doctor’s point of view as time goes on … but as of late Thursday he’s not budging.

When his daughter was transferred to Emory University Hospital Tuesday Brown was hopeful the renowned staff could do something, but the fact that there’s been no change is what doctors believe is the handwriting on the wall.

Do you think it’s wise for Bobby Brown to follow the doctors’ advice in pulling the plug off of his daughter’s life support? Should he hold out hope that a miracle will soon come his way? Hit the comments below and let us know your thoughts!

As always, stay tuned for the latest updates on Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition as they are made available.

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