Bobby Flay’s Wife Stephanie March Files For Divorce After Alleged Affair With Elyse Tirrell

Bobby Flay's Wife Stephanie March Files For Divorce After Alleged Affair With Elyse Tirrell

Actress Stephanie March, from the TV series, Law & Order: SVU left her husband, Bobby Flay, a famed chef. March discovered Flay was having an affair with his close friend and aide. She found out about the deception right after Thanksgiving. March who is 40, had been married to the handsome 50-year-old Flay from, The Food Network and discovered he and Elyse Tirrell, a 28-year-old singer, have been seeing each other for three years now.

March recalls how Tirrell had always acted so nervous when she visited one of the restaurants, and how she went out of her way to compliment her and try to put her at ease. March not knowing what was happening had always tried to make Tirrell feel comfortable, even inviting her to her home. Tirrell, of course, had been to the home more times than March was even aware of.

A spokesperson for Flay would not comment to confirm or deny the affair. She stated they will continue to refrain from comments so as not to spread rumors. According to Julie Halpin the spokesperson, the allegation had been written from one attorney to another, and purposely leaked to make headlines. They feel the story was leaked in order to gain sympathy for March who is contesting a pre-nup she signed before marrying Flay. He is said to be worth $9 million according to Forbes.

Flay is reported to have tried saving the marriage by flying to Amsterdam and surprising March. She did agree to try as she still loved him. They did commit to seeing a therapist together and tried to work things out. Things fell apart for them when Flay traveled to Florida to appear on Miami’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival. He went to Florida with a group of assistants which included Tirrell and this devastated March. From Miami, Flay went to Los Angeles and when he returned home, March told him to leave and requested the divorce.

Lawrence Kretchmer, Flay’s business partner defended his friend. He reported that Flay’s rule is when people talk crap about him, he won’t respond. Kretchmer says he’s been with this relationship for 14 years and knows Flay did everything he could to save his marriage.

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