Body Of Proof Recap – ‘Hard Knocks’

Body Of Proof Recap - 'Hard Knocks'

Tonight is an all new episode of Body Of Proof, titled, Hard Knocks. From the official synopsis:

When 17-year-old overachiever Trent Brady is found dead after calling 911 outside of a rave, Megan and her team are called in to investigate. The teenager’s parents seem to be in denial about their son’s access to drugs, but Megan will need help in determining the drugs found on the teen’s body, and turns to her new friend, Special Agent Ames (Cliff Curtis) for help. Meanwhile Megan’s ex-husband, Todd (Jeffrey Nordling), has major news which will affect Megan’s future with their daughter.

I can’t wait to see Megan jump back into the dating pool…this ought to get interesting, for sure. Meanwhile, her boss, Kate is still dating her ex-husband. I wonder what her daughter is going to think about her relationship status.

The show opens with a 911 call. Afterward it cuts to Megan talking to her daughter about having coffee with an FBI agent, Derek Ames. She gets a text from Peter and goes to him. She talks to him about her date with Derek.

They find their victim, Jake Brady, a 17-year-old kid who has black light paint on his face. Jake was at a rave party and the detectives leave to tell his parents. His parents said that they didn’t let him go to the party. Jake’s mother goes upstairs to find that his bed was still made.

Ethan said Jake’s blood alcohol level was at a .09. Megan goes to see Derek and he apologizes for not having coffee with her. She shows him the designer drugs that she found on Jake’s body. Jake has been dead for four hours, at least.

Kate and Megan’s ex-husband run into Megan in the hallway and he leaves. Megan tells her that someone else other than Jake called 911. Curtis said that Jake overdosed. Derek comes back with the test results on the pills and they’re for AD/HD. He asks for a raincheck tonight.

The cops pulled a girl, Jinx, in for questioning regarding Jake’s death. She said she doesn’t know anything about his death. Detective Morris and Megan go to Jake’s father and he said that he never took any drugs and was a good father. They play the 911 call for his father and he tears up and says he doesn’t know who called. Then, he said Jake’s friend, Patrick, made the call. He gave him the AD/HD pills.

Patrick said he saw Jake after the party and he wasn’t moving, so he called 911. He shows the detectives a photo of Jake passed out with a sign that reads “Dead meat”.

Megan says that Jake died of asphyxiation, not drugs or alcohol. She sends Ethan and Curtis to the scene of the rave to look for anything that the perp could’ve used to strangle Jake. They found a cord that might be the murder weapon.

Megan’s ex-husband, Todd, is telling their daughter that they may be moving to California. She’s not happy about the idea of leaving her friends and her life. They found a match, but it’s restricted to the FBI. Megan goes to see Derek to find out who the person is. He says no and that it would get him in a lot of trouble.

Cut to Megan and Derek having a drink together and then one thing leads to another…they get interrupted by Lacy, who walks in at that moment. Megan takes Lacy back to her dad’s, but she says that she doesn’t want to go.

Detectives Morris and Baker go to the high school to talk about Jake and the photo of him with the sign. They take the school paper’s editor, Maxine Hall’s computer. Megan is back at the office with Peter and Ethan, talking about if Jake picked on someone at school. They’re looking into David Morton and told him that they found his DNA on the cable. He found Jake passed out and saw it as a teaching moment. They inform him that he killed Jake and he said that Jake was still alive and moving when he took the sign.

Lacy’s dad come to see Megan at work, and she’s ticked off that he wants to take their daughter to California. He says that Lacy doesn’t want to leave her and she asks him not to do this. She asks when he’s going to spring the news on Kate and then Kate walks in.

He tells Kate about the move and asks her if she would go with them. Megan informs Peter that Todd wants to leave for California. She goes back to the body to check out his heart and Derek brings her flowers. She tells him this might not be the best time and Kate comes in. She tells Megan that Todd wanted her to go to California, but she can’t. She shows Kate the bruising on Jake’s chest and he has a hairline fracture on his sternum. Jake had a heart attack?

They look at his body under a different light and find an insignia from the school’s honor society on his chest. They go to Jake’s dad and take his ring.

Kate barges into Megan’s office and tells her to call Derek. Detectives pull in Maxine because they think she killed Jake. When she saw Jake’s picture, she went down to the rave to save him. She helped him up and he didn’t remember her. He pushed her away and she punched him in the chest.

Megan has wine with Derek and her mind is somewhere else. She tells him she likes him, but there’s only one person she should be thinking about right now. She says if Lacy decides to stay, she needs to focus on her right now. Then, there’s a knock at the door and it’s Todd. He’s looking for Lacy, who has apparently came over earlier. Lacy is yelling at them for leaving their happiness up to her.

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