Body Of Proof Season 2 Episode 5 ‘Point Of Origin’ Recap 10/18/11

Body Of Proof Season 2 Episode 5 'Point Of Origin' Recap 10/18/11

Tonight’s episode of Body Of Proof is titled Point Of Origin and we’re covering the show live! In case you’ve missed last week’s show, you can check out our official recap here!

From the official synopsis:

Peter stumbles upon a house fire in progress before the fire department arrives and is able to rescue a young woman. When Megan goes to the scene of the fire, she discovers that there is another victim who perished in the fire. This dismays Peter, who didn’t know there was someone else in the house and now has a personal attachment to this case. As Megan begins her investigation, she is usurped by veteran arson investigator Ray Easton (Terry Serpico, “Army Wives”) and his young colleague, Skip, who challenge her at every step. When Megan complains to her boss, Kate wryly remarks that people usually find Megan impossible to work with, and the tension between the two women heats up more.

The official recap:

The show opens with Peter at the scene of a house fire, where he rushes in the house and saves one of the victims from the fire, Jenna. After he gets out, the house explodes. Megan arrives on the scene and the detectives tell Megan that the husband didn’t survive the fire.

The arson investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. The fire started in the kitchen and they found evidence of a forced entry (Peter). They think someone poured accelerant on the body. Three hours later, they released the body to her.

The body has a fracture on it, and they’re trying to figure out if that happened before or after the fire. Megan is asking Ethan if he’s sure that the dental records belong to their victim, Mike Applebee, because the victim has his wisdom teeth and Mike had his removed.

Dr. Brumfield is talking to Megan about the fracture on the body. He said that Kate’s decision to date Megan’s ex is wrong. He said that they need to work it out and she says that she’s being professional.

Ethan comes in and says that John Doe’s cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning. Peter is at the hospital and is at the bedside of the lady he rescued. The fire department informs him that she’s doing better than the guy who died in the fire.

Detective Morris is questioning the real Mike Applebee about the domestic disturbance between himself and Jenna. He said he was alone in his motel room, reading, when the fire was started.

Megan and Curtis are looking at the victim’s brain and found a hemorrhage. Someone hit him in the head while he was still alive. Megan goes to the house where the fire happened. They found that the point of origin was an old refrigerator and the accelerant was an old Vodka bottle.

Megan tells them that the fire wasn’t an accident. She tells them to hurry up and get done so she can find the murder weapon. Peter returns to the office with Jenna’s clothes.

Ethan is asking Kate about her dating Megan’s ex and she’s not talking to him about it. Ethan wants to leave. Kate asks if Megan has found the murder weapon and she says that the Arson department is still looking into the house.

Ethan found a photo in the burn victim’s wallet and Peter is telling Mrs. Armstrong about not knowing that he was in the house. Peter is asking her about if Jenna Applebee was a client. Ben Armstrong is the burn victim.

Daniel Robinson had an issue with Ben and they’ll be looking into whether or not he’s responsible for Ben dying in the fire. Peter receives a call while talking to Kate and Megan and said that they just arrested Mike Applebee.

Mike’s prints were the only ones on the bottle. Megan thinks they have the wrong guy. Peter is saying that Jenna called him “Dad” when he got to her in the burning house. Daniel is the one who gave up Jenna for adoption when she was little. Megan and Peter go to Daniel Robinson’s house where he tells her that he was adopted and this is getting too personal for him.

Megan and Peter are telling him that the hand fracture was an accident and that Jenna showed up there last night. She wanted answers, but he only wants to be left alone.

Curtis didn’t get anything from Jenna’s clothes that points to a suspect. He’s trying to recreate the day before the fire by checking out her shoes. Peter comes in and tells Megan and Curtis that Jenna Applebee is dead.

Megan tells Peter to go and that she can handle Jenna’s body herself. Megan is smelling Jenna’s tube and says that it smells like bitter almonds. Megan says that someone gave Jenna cyanide in the hospital. Detective Morris is releasing Mike Applebee. Peter is telling Detective Baker to visit Daniel Robinson.

Megan estimates Jenna’s time of death at 4 or 5pm. Megan is investigating the wound patterns of both of the victims. Kate comes in to talk to Megan and Ethan and she’s going to a gallery opening with Megan’s ex-husband. Kate apologizes for her relationship, saying that she knows it’s hard for Megan, but she needs to come to terms with it.

Peter and the Arson investigator, Skip, are eating donuts and Peter is telling him how he came to the Medical Examiner’s Office. They’re reviewing security footage from the hospital to find out who killed Jenna and it’s Daniel Robinson’s daughter, Emily.

The Detectives are questioning Emily about visiting Jenna. She said that she heard her father talking to Jenna and he was such a jerk to her. She said she tried to talk to Jenna that night she came to the house, but she took off running toward Anderson Park, crying.

Peter approaches Daniel and asks him why he gave Jenna up for adoption. He said he was only 17 and wasn’t ready. He took her to the police station with a stuffed turtle. Peter tells him that when he found Jenna she was holding that turtle.

Detective Baker and Megan are talking about Jenna’s route back to her place. They found Jenna’s footprint in the wet paint on the cross walk. They go into the toy store and the guy there tells them that the sprinklers put out the fire. Megan finds a cannon fuse and Megan says that Ray Easton has a cannon that he fires when he completes a case. Is he setting the fires?!?

Ray is confronting Megan and says that he didn’t set the fire. Skip is at the toy store with Peter, and Skip finds a turtle that looks just like Jenna’s. He tells Peter that he logged it as evidence. Peter says no, that he watched it burn in the fire. Skip is the one setting the fires!

He pulls a gun on Peter and Megan and Ray confront him with Detectives Morris and Baker. Skip gave Jenna ride home the night before she died. Peter tries to go to Ben’s mother to tell her who killed him, but she doesn’t want to know. He tells her that he was adopted and he was hoping that she would help him find his birth parents.

Kate calls Megan into her office, and Megan tells her to go bowling with Todd. Megan accepts that they’re dating and says Kate should set her up with someone, like her brother. Ha.

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