Bon Jovi is being sued again

Bon Jovi
[Image Credit: Newscom]

Bon Jovi is being sued again. This time, it’s by a British woman who says that she was seriously injured when a member of the rocker’s entourage ran her over during a gig in the U.K. in 2006.

The band played in southeast England where Sally Allen, a security supervisor at the venue, claims that the incident took place.

In legal papers, she claims she suffered a fractured knee, ligament damage, and severe internal injuries when she was “deliberately” run over by entourage member Kevin McDonnell in a golf cart.

According to the lawsuit, McDonnell told Allen, “I don’t care about your emergency situation. Get out of my way, you f***ing whore. Do you know who I am? You can’t f***ing stop me.” After yelling at her, she claims her ran over her right leg. She is suing for $405,000 in damages.

My question is, if she suffered such extensive damages, then why did she wait so long to sue? I know that she first filed a claim in the U.S. that was rejected, but two years later??!? It just seems like such a long time.

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