Bon Jovi is being sued for $400 billion for plagiarism!

Jon Bon Jovi
[Image Credit: CrashMattB via Flickr]

Rockers Bon Jovi are being sued for an astronomical $400 billion after musician Samuel Bartley Steele claimed the band plagiarized his work. He filed the case on Thursday, which alleges the group copied lyrics from his song, (Man I Really) Love This Team, which was used for the anthem for the Boston Red Sox.

Steele says that Jon Bon Jovi heard his song when he was campaigning for John Kerry in 2004, and thus created Bon Jovi’s song I Love This Town, which was used as a promo for Major League Baseball.

Without hearing either track, I really can’t base a decision on whether or not Bon Jovi ripped this guy off. After searching Youtube for any song by Steele, I came up empty. He’s seeking $100,000 per CD sold, of which four million CDs were sold to date.

What do you think? When I saw the figure, I thought the guy wanted Bon Jovi to foot the bill for the bailout.

Bon Jovi is being sued for $400 billion for plagiarism! was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Bon Jovi crazy Fan.

    I think is sort of scamming here…I listen to both of the songs several times and could even here that there is any similaries in both.

    So i think Bart is broke and he wanted to have his fame from a band which is know around the world.

    With all those years Bon Jovi has been in music industry, why would he want to copy anyones music? Come on Bart!

    I think Bart he has lost and for sure he should be a shamed for accusing of someone for nothing.

  • Teresa

    Haha .. this is the dumbest thing I think I have read in a long time. First off Bon Jovi has been around for 25 years so all the sudden 4 years ago he needs to still some pathetic nobody’s song? Spare me. After all the hits he has had he doesn’t need to steal anything from a no talent loser. Second, even if it were true … 400 billion? Haha. Give it up loser and just accept the fact you are a no talent loser trying to scam a talented musician he has had hit after hit for 25 years. No way do I believe this story.

  • Valerie S

    That is the dumbest thing I have heard in my whole life! 400 billion dollars…the man is an idiot. I love Bon Jovi and all, but I don’t think there is any way in this world they have that much money….the guy is an idiot.

    Jon and Richie are FANTASTIC song writers…and I agree, the don’t need to go and steal some idiot’s song to be successful.

    Even if they did…400 BILLION DOLLARS….are you freakin’ kidding me?!