Boy George convicted of false imprisonment

Boy George
[Image Credit: Newscom]

Boy George had his butt hauled into court over a false imprisonment charge by male escort, Audun Carlsen. He admitted to cuffing Carlsen on their second meeting because he said that Carlsen had tampered with his computer on their first meeting. Dumb! Didn’t George realize that he was in court over the fact that this dude claimed he cuffed him?!?? Needless to say, the jury sided with Carlsen and George was convicted.

His attorney even tried the laughable defense that George is/was too fat to hurt anyone. That had me rolling. Of course that skinny little escort is going to be scared, you got this fat guy has-been cuffing you to a wall and beating you with a metal chain. I bet Carlsen thinks George deserves the chair or something similar for his actions.

The judge let George out until his January 16th sentencing. But don’t think that means he’s going easy on the 80’s singer. He said that he doesn’t want George to think he’s getting off without jail time, saying, “I don’t want any false expectations created.”

He could get up to 15 years in jail.

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