Boy George Is Terrified Of Jail

Boy George was tossed into jail for 15 months on Friday for falsely imprisoning male escort, Audun Carlsen. He was taken to the holding cell where he broke down into tears, telling fellow inmate Richard Lyttle about how terrified he is to get thrown into prison.

Richard wanted his fifteen minutes of fame, so he cashed in and told the Sunday Mirror about how George was afraid of being killed in jail.

Lyttle said, “When I walked into the cell I saw this fat, bald bloke sitting in the corner crying like a baby. He was shaking like a leaf, a total wreck. He kept sobbing over and over, ‘I can”t go to jail – I’ll be killed.’ He was crying about how he was just a fat old pop star that everyone was laughing at.”

Lyttle said that he also warned George that he would be a target for other inmates because he’s a celebrity. He added, “He was shaking as he listened and kept asking what other inmates would make of him. I warned him that because of who he was and because he was gay, people would be out to beat him up.”

Good luck, George. Hope 2010 looks up for ya.

For nostalgic purposes, I must include Culture Club’s best song, “Karma Chameleon“.

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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