Boy George thinks murder isn’t good for his career

Boy George leaving court
[Image Credit: Newscom]

I’ve been following this story because I was a huge fan of Culture Club back in the day and it amuses me to see what one of my favorite 80’s icons is up to these days.

He’s been recently embroiled in this false imprisonment lawsuit by an escort who claimed that George handcuffed him and beat him. In short, the escort filed charges against George and it’s now the source of a court hearing.

George invited the escort back to his apartment to find out if he had hacked into his laptop. While he did the search for naked pics, he handcuffed the escort to a wall. George told the escort that he just wanted to check something.

George says, “He was saying, ‘Let me go’…I absolutely admit that I had him in the handcuffs, so he wouldn’t go anywhere while I checked the computer. I certainly wasn’t going to kill him, that’s hardly going to do my career any good is it?”

And in other news, Boy George still has a career.

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