Brad Pitt Already Planning George Clooney Prank

It’s the bromance beyond all bromances. George Clooney is quite the prankster, as you may already know. Recently, he revealed in an interview that he was planning the ultimate “career-ending” prank on his best buddy, Brad Pitt. Little does he know, but Brad is already planning his own prank on George, in retaliation!

What’s funny is that Brad is copping to being the one who actually started the prank war. When they were working together on Oceans 11, George happened to receive preferential treatment from the crew on the set of the movie. Why? It all boils down to a note sent by Brad to the crew — on George’s behalf.

Brad said, “I sent a memo to the entire Italian crew, in Italian, that said, ‘Dear Crew: We wish you a wonderful shoot. George Clooney asks that, this is a very difficult role for him. He needs to concentrate deeply. Mr. Clooney asks that you try not too interrupt him, look him in the eye. If you do need to address Mr. Clooney, please refer to him only as ‘Daniel’ or ‘Mr. Ocean.'”

Brad went on to say, “It went on for two weeks. He handled it gracefully, but he was becoming unnerved, I think. George is our ambassador on the set. He’s fun, he’s telling jokes, he keeps everyone together. And he loves that camaraderie. He eats lunch with the crew. There’s just no one better at it.”

After hearing of the prank that George is lining up for him, he said, “I knew that something bad was going to happen by me doing this, so I came up with a second [prank]. Whatever he’s got, this is uglier. It’s so bad, I don’t even know if I can do it.”

We need more details!

Photo Credit: Hall/Pena

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