Brad Pitt Is Angry With Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt Is Angry With Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt is said to be super angry with Angelina Jolie because she’s paying special attention to a Japanese rocker named Miyavi. Apparently Angelina hired the rocker to play the villain Mutsuhiro Watanabe in her new flick Unbroken — and Brad is miffed!

Reportedly, Miyavi looks like Angelina’s former lesbian lover Jenny Shimizu. A source said, “Angelina was absolutely hypnotized by Miyavi’s haunting audition for her film. Myavi bears a striking resemblance to Angie’s former lesbian lover Jenny Shimizu – and that fact wasn’t lost on Brad.”

The source continued, “Angie told Brad that she’d probably have to spend a lot of time coaching Miyavi because he’s never had a major Hollywood role before. That sent Brad over the edge. He’s halfway around the world in England while Angie’s reading lines with this sexy Asian rocker. She’s told Brad that, as outrageous as Miyavi looks and acts, with all his tattoos and piercings, he’s actually a down-to-earth family man. Still, Angie gushed so much about Miyavi, it drove Brad bonkers.”

The snitch added, “He’s insisting that they Skype every day – even though Sydney is ten hours ahead of London.”

It sounds as if someone is super jealous! If he was secure in himself, then he wouldn’t have to worry about Angelina cheating with some other guy. What do you think?

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