Brad Pitt Fathered A Child With Someone Other Than Angelina Jolie?

Brad Pitt Fathered A Child With Someone Other Than Angelina Jolie?

Star magazine’s latest cover makes the claim that Brad Pitt has another child that he’s fathered with someone other than his long-time partner, Angelina Jolie! Can you believe that?

According to their report, Angelina walked out on Brad after discovering the truth about his fathering a baby with another woman.

Also featured in this issue is Amber Rose making the claim that Kim Kardashian cheated with her ex, Kanye West. I always knew something was up with Kim and Kanye, didn’t you? We were sure that she was trying to hook up with him to further her own career even more.

In addition to that, they claim to have the scoop on why Russell Brand ditched Katy Perry. Also featured is Sandra Bullock’s breakdown and her shocking confession. What could it be? Did she really hook up with Ryan Reynolds? Because that would be the only shocking thing to us. And even then, it wouldn’t be that shocking….look at the guy….he’s delicious.

What do you think? Do you believe Brad Pitt has a love child? Did Kim Kardashian hook up with Kanye West? Do you believe the rumors?

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  1. Bradd Pitt has a love-child?…sure, why not; the way he “hooked up” with Jolie is a case in point..why would she or anyone else be surprised at such a thing?…no amount of children in the Jolie-Pitt household will change what is..a pattern is a pattern…

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